You have power beyond your wildest dreams. Of course, we understand that in your current life experience you might feel separate from everyone and everything, perhaps even yourself. But we are here to tell you that you are so connected to universal power, that you can merge worlds and dimensions. You can make thoughts reality. The universe is connected to your innermost thoughts and actions, your deepest desires. Previous forms from before have created this realm to reveal this to you. So please, continue your training as one of many keepers of this realm. What will you say yes to? Who will you bring into this world and what will THEY say yes to? You are about to find out.
The Beginning or the End: 8.5.18
There is something strange in the air. Something is impacting the magic throughout this entire realm. It's almost as if these alarming events were in preparation for something - or someone - even more dangerous and destructive to make an entrance in the Realm. Is this a product of Shadowville? How will Pleasantville keep things...well...pleasant? Read more about this odd Realm activity and join in.

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